Clinic Overview & Services

In case of Emergency, Please Call: 09 423 423 600

In times of emergency, the coordination between our highly trained medical team and the timely treatment provided are the most important factors in saving a valuable life. At Grand Hantha International Hospital, we strongly believe that the lives of our patients are just as valuable as our own.

With a clean and spacious parking lot and modern ambulances fully equipped with medicine and medical instruments, our hospital is dedicated to offering quality healthcare services 24/7, 365 days of the year for both adults and children alike.

We attempt to see all visiting patients within a targeted time frame set by international guideline, providing our patients with the fastest and most effective treatments available while our 24-hour on-duty experienced doctors are always ready to help you before a specialist arrives.

Whether you arrive because of broken bones or a heart attack, our certified and specially trained physicians and nurses are committed to providing you with the highest level of emergency care in a safe environment. Our advanced Hospital Information System (HIS) ensures the smoothest possible service and our dedicated emergency room team offers excellent emergency care by:

  • Triaging at the first point of contact, which determines the immediate priorities for each emergency case delivering personalized and efficient treatment.
  • Streamlining our patient’s admission process using the latest Hospital Information System (HIS)


The main treatment areas in the Department include:

  • Triage Station: – staffed with a senior Registered Nurse, a senior physician is assigned as necessary. The initial assessment of the patient is performed and patients are categorized based on the acuity of their condition. Patients are then directed to the appropriate designated treatment areas for further management.
  • Resuscitation (Trauma Room) – provides management for adult and pediatric patients who are critically ill, suffering from multiple trauma, and/or unstable patients, as well as patients requiring resuscitative measures.
  • The Trauma Room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform careful monitoring as well as administration of life-saving medication.
  • Isolation Room- for infection control, the suspected cases are isolated in this room and after confirmation, disinfected with UV lights.
  • Procedure rooms- for minor procedures
  • Monitoring rooms- divided into red and yellow zones and filled with 23 beds. Trauma stretcher beds are used for easier and more convenient treatment. All rooms are equipped with wall mounted medical gas pipeline systems and 24-hour monitoring machines.


In addition, we also provide:

  • An advanced oxygen pipeline system and an emergency 24-hour monitoring system
  • BLS & ACLS certified doctors and nurses
  • Resident Physicians as well as Critical Care Physicians
  • Ortho-surgeons in case of accidents & trauma.
  • Cardiologists, Interventionists, doctors, nurses, and radiographers for Ischaemic heart attack.
  • 24 Hour Operation Theater Service for emergency surgery
  • Imaging Facilities such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI
  • An efficient blood testing service
  • State-of-the-art patient monitors, ventilators, and other medical devices and medical materials at hand in our Four Fully Equipped Ambulances.
<h3>Emergency ambulance service for both local & remote areas</h3>
<li>Hospital to Hospital patient transfer, Airport, and Seaport pickup service</li>
<li>Ambulance for out-patient appointments, admission, and discharge</li>
<li>Home visit</li>
<li>Ambulance and medical cover for sports activities, events, festivals, conference</li>
<h3>In case of Emergency, Please Call: 09 423 423 600</h3>

Emergency ambulance service for both local & remote areas

  • Hospital to Hospital patient transfer, Airport, and Seaport pickup service
  • Ambulance for out-patient appointments, admission, and discharge
  • Home visit
  • Ambulance and medical cover for sports activities, events, festivals, conference

In case of Emergency, Please Call: 09 423 423 600