International Clinic, formally named Hawaii Clinic, provides a unique atmosphere for both local and international patients to receive specialized medical care and treatment at its best. A range of overseas specialists and consultants from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, and other countries are seeing numbers of patients on a daily basis. All of these overseas doctors are accredited and licensed from their respective countries and also eligible to practice in the Myanmar community in accordance with rules and regulations from the Myanmar Medical Council. Specialists and Consultants are well-trained in their respective medical community and their experiences are our advantages to bring our international standard healthcare and services to our valued customers.

One of our distinctive features is delivering international standard healthcare services with Native Myanmar doctors who are currently practicing in overseas countries such as UK, USA, Australia, and so on, in collaboration with MMPGA. MMPGA means Myanmar Multispecialty Physician Global Alliance which is a group of internal multispecialty physicians who will collaborate with distinguished local Myanmar Physicians to deliver international standard medical care to Myanmar people.

Overview & Services

<ul><li>Special Appointments for Outpatient Consultation</li><li>Teleconsultation with doctors from different specialties</li><li>Mainly for Medical, Cardiology, and Orthopedics Consultation</li><li>Paediatric Wellness Assessment and Consultation</li><li>Operation procedures of different specialties.</li><li>Operate with monthly visiting Foreign Doctors</li><li>Private lounge and one-to-one special care by well-trained healthcare workers.</li><li>If you need teleconsultation appointments, you can contact us at 09265490550.</li></ul>
  • Special Appointments for Outpatient Consultation
  • Teleconsultation with doctors from different specialties
  • Mainly for Medical, Cardiology, and Orthopedics Consultation
  • Paediatric Wellness Assessment and Consultation
  • Operation procedures of different specialties.
  • Operate with monthly visiting Foreign Doctors
  • Private lounge and one-to-one special care by well-trained healthcare workers.
  • If you need teleconsultation appointments, you can contact us at 09265490550.
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International Clinic, also known as Hawaii Clinic.
Hawaii Clinic provides a special patient-centered service named “Hantha Prestige Care”.
Hantha Prestige Care is a special care service that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.
“Hantha Prestige Care” provides a private lounge, one-to-one care customization, and minimum waiting time with faster delivery of appropriate care during the patient visit.
Our Prestige Care Service is suitable for:

  • elderly patients,
  • vulnerable patients,
  • high-profile patients who want a private area and specific care for their clinic visits, and
  • patients from different states of Myanmar who need a one-stop service with great coordination by the team for medical checkup, test results, and consultations accomplished in one day.

Patients can rest in the private lounge during their visit where hospital amenities, food, and beverages are fully provided. It makes patients a more comfortable and private environment to relax while waiting for their appointments.

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One-to-one care for our prestige care patients makes sure patients receive:

  • their specific needs
  • easy accessibility to our services
  • high-quality information and education for the patient and the patient’s family,
  • physical and emotional comfort as do not need to wait among the crowd.

In order to get enough time for consultation with specialists, we prepare an appointment that is separated from other schedules and create special private time with specialists for your efficient consultation. With “Hantha Prestige Care”, we also arrange follow up appointments for the patient to make sure care continuity including referrals & specialty transitions and access to care.

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If you want to get this service, just let us know you want special care/ Prestige Care Service at Grand Hantha Reception while making an appointment.

Operating Hours

Open Daily 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location & Contact Info

Second Floor, Grand Hantha International Hospital
01 231 7617, 01 523 000, 01 523 111
Extension No - 2070

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