Do you need Specialist care (or) In-house Physician care?

Our GHIH outpatient service is designed to make sure that all patients get FIVE RIGHTS (by the right doctor, in the right place, at the right time, with the right treatment, and right standard).
Patients with acute or chronic conditions are cared for by our 24/7 available In-house Physicians. They are the best physicians not only to help determine where and who you should go to for the right care but also for the curative treatment for your current condition. With their clinical assessment, you could be escalated to different levels of care such as Inpatient admission, or referring specialist with more specific expertise. It helps you avoid unnecessarily seeing the wrong type of specialist.
Multi-disciplinary specialty GHIH outpatient clinics are able to provide holistic care for those who need more specific level consultation, specific referral, and regular follow-up visits.

Overview & Services

<h3>Locations of outpatient clinics are :</h3>
<p>Basement Level: Swiss Clinic, Sydney Clinic<br />
Ground Floor : London Clinic, New York Clinic, Paris Clinic, ENT Clinic<br />
Second Floor : Hawaii Clinic, Dental Clinic, Wellness Centre, Eye Clinic<br />
Third Floor : Royal Child Clinic</p>
<h3>Operating hours and available visiting specialists are:</h3>
<p>To make or change an appointment, Please call:</p>
<p>01 2317617, 01-523000, 01-523111, 01-523222,<br />
Extension No: 8022</p>

Locations of outpatient clinics are :

Basement Level: Swiss Clinic, Sydney Clinic
Ground Floor : London Clinic, New York Clinic, Paris Clinic, ENT Clinic
Second Floor : Hawaii Clinic, Dental Clinic, Wellness Centre, Eye Clinic
Third Floor : Royal Child Clinic

Operating hours and available visiting specialists are:

To make or change an appointment, Please call:

01 2317617, 01-523000, 01-523111, 01-523222,
Extension No: 8022

  • Perform any tests or scans or fasting which have been instructed during your previous visit
  • Bring along
    • GHIH Patient Registration Card (for existing patients)
    • Any medical benefits eligibility card (or) document (for insurance patients)
    • Referral letter, old records, current medication, and investigation results

During your appointment visit, kindly expect that

  • GHIH Clinics are using a queue system. The time for your turn may take longer due to unexpected conditions such as late specialist arrival time, the complexity of the patient condition ahead of you, and attending emergency on-call.
  • For the absent patient, the queue system will be skipped and called again when activating after three persons.
  • There may be situations where you may have to wait for the results if your investigations to facilitate further treatment.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please inform call center at least one day before your appointment date. By doing so, another patient from waiting list could substitute your appointment.